1. If replying to an existing thread: Click “Reply to thread” button. You will see this:

Name:  Quick reply.jpg
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2. Click on the “Go advanced” button. If you are creating a new thread Click "post new thread" The screen will expand and you will see the following under the text box:

Name:  Go advanced.jpg
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3. Click on the “Manage attachments” box and this will appear in a new window:

Name:  Manage attachments.JPG
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4. Click on the “Add files” button on top right and you will see this:

Name:  Upload files.JPG
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5. Click on either “computer” after the words “Upload files from your” and then click “Select files”. If you choose computer, you will see this:

Name:  Select files.jpg
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6. You are now in your computer – go to the correct location (folder, directory etc) and choose the files you wish to upload. Click on “Open” . You will be taken back to MFW website and you will see this:

Name:  Upload.JPG
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7. Click on “Upload files” and the pictures will be uploaded. You will see the uploaded pictures at the bottom of the “Manage Attachments window” like this:

Name:  attached.JPG
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8. If you leave now by clicking “Done” the pictures will be attached at the bottom of your message as thumbnails (smaller size).

Name:  done.JPG
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9. Choose each picture by checking the small box at the bottom right of each picture or checking the “Select all” box at the bottom left of the window.

Name:  Select.JPG
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Name:  Select all.JPG
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Name:  Insert inline.JPG
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10. Click on “Insert inline”. The pictures will now be inside your message in full size and you can drag each one to the place you want within your message. Click "Done".