Dear Members,

While we are not a commercial entity and do not believe in engaging in any commercial activity, it does not mean that members are expected to give up their regular businesses. We are conscious that some members deal with goods or services related to automobiles or other topics under discussion here. Such members are welcome to join in the discussion and to post their views freely.

It would however be appropriate that when members are posting on a topic that touches their normal work/commercial activity, they post a line at the bottom or top of their post declaring their commercial interests, so that objectivity is maintained and the forum remains free and transparent.

For example:

If someone is a distributor for movies and the topic of discussion is a movie: "I am a distributor for ABC pictures"

If someone edits, publishes, writes, distributes or sells books and the topic of discussion is a particular book or author: "I _________ books and am associated with __________"

If someone sells clothes/footwear and the topic of discussion is attire: "I am a dealer of ABC brand of footwear/clothes".

You do get the idea.

Thanks for your co-operation.