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Thread: Car maintenance in the times of mandatory lock-down!

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    Car maintenance in the times of mandatory lock-down!

    Given that our cars are more like family members to us auto enthusiasts, how do we make sure that they remain healthy during this 21 day lock-down that they too will be facing? Lets have some important pointers and suggestions going so it can benefit all. My two cents:

    1] Usually we are advised to disconnect the battery terminals if the car will remain stationery for multiple weeks or so. But in the present scenario, it would be better to start the car once every few days and run the engine for atleast 10 minutes if not more. It will take time to reach operating temperature, but it would be good to get the engine oil, fuel, coolant, etc running through the system. Will keep the fuel pump primed as well;

    2] Getting the engine up to operating temperature once a while may also keep rodents at bay. Else, a stationery car’s engine bay is an invitation for rodents to make home. As an added precaution, I make small tobacco filled pouches with a couple of holes in them (about 6-8 pouches should be good) and tie the pouches on cables all around the engine bay;

    3] If possible, drive around for a bit within your car park. If that’s not possible, move your car around so that the tyres rotate. You don’t want the tyres to ‘square off’ or ‘flat spot’ on that one bottom patch of tyre which has taken the weight of your car for days at end. Also, keep the tyres inflated to optimum levels. A cycle pump along with a reliable air pressure gauge can be used in case you don’t own an electric pump;

    4] Keep your fuel tank filled up as much as possible. This will help in minimising evaporation of the fuel and also avoid moisture condensation, thus ultimately preventing rust formation in the fuel tank;

    5] Roll down your windows for a while for air to circulate within the cabin;

    6] Do not engage the handbrake as leaving it engaged for a long time can result in the brakes jamming. If there is a probability of rolling off, consider using bricks / piece of wood and keep the car parked in 1st gear;

    7] Park your car in a covered parking, if possible. Wash your car regularly, preferably with your own two sanitized hands!

    Just a few things that I thought of penning down since I plan to follow the above. Please add / correct any of the pointers mentioned above.


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    Re: Car maintenance in the times of mandatory lock-down!

    While i won't be doing point no. 1, i will definitely take the car to the (allowed by authorities) run to the market for groceries / veggies.
    Members doing the same are advised to take the precautions of wearing mask and gloves.
    Regarding tobacco pouches - it will be difficult to source tobacco at this time.

    Take care.
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