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Thread: Upgraded tyres to Kenda Komet SPT1 - Palio Stile 1.6

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    Upgraded tyres to Kenda Komet SPT1 - Palio Stile 1.6

    Its been a year since i changed my tyres from Yokohama C Drives to the Taiwanese brand - Kenda. Oh yes the Kenda that are also seen on Bicycle

    I had a great experience with the Yokohama C Drives for 5 years that i used. It never failed upon me in unexpected situations. I was keen for moving on to its newer version but unfortunately Yokohama didn't brought the updated C drives in India. They got a balanced variant called as Earth One instead. Secondly as car has aged, I thought its time to upgrade but the tyres needed to be changed asap as i was facing harsh, noisy rides plus the wheel alignment wasn't working due to the old age of the C drives. Hence after a lot of thoughts and feedbacks from Roms, I changed to Kenda Komet SPT1 - KR10. Roms had also changed his Palio tyres to Kenda but it was a Kenda Komet Plus model. He was happy with it. Since I thought I might sell the car going ahead hence this would be a good deal.

    The dealer didn't had it that time so went for the SPT1 model. I was already on the 185/65/R14 profile with the Yokos hence continued the same. The main factor to go for Kenda was it was still a known brand, cheap to own and decent feedbacks on other forums.

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    Kenda v/s Yokohama C Drives (5yrs old)
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    After wearing the shoes

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    The ride quality in 1 year so far has been good, still soft and quiet. No harshness experience. People say (those who haven't owned) in long term they will deteriorate but lets see.

    Kenda Website:
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