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Thread: Membership Stucture

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    Membership Stucture

    1. Founder member: Mr. Sundar Ram Madduri (vested with all powers and privileges of a Marshal)

    In tune with the automotive focus of the forum the other categories have names that reflect it.

    2. Marshals. These are members who aid and assist in the management of the forum. They oversee discussions and do the housekeeping.
    3. Seeded drivers : These are members who are well respected for the breadth and depth of their knowledge and have certain privileges akin to marshals. Their opinions are often sought by the Marshals.
    4. Competition license: These are senior members who have displayed their ability to help and guide others. They attain this status with a 1000 posts.
    5. D.L. (short for Driving License). Members with full privileges. At present the post count required is 25 and they should have been members for about four weeks.
    6. Ll.R. (short for Learner's license). These are members who are yet to make adequate number of posts and or have not been members for the mandated period. They get their D.L. once they cross these milestones.

    N.B. The Marshals may choose to promote a member to a higher category or to hold a member in his present category or move the member to any other category that they think is more appropriate for that member.
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