Calling all folks in for a South India meet 2019;

Let's Venture into an unexplored place tucked away between TN and KL states; Valparai..

Dates are finalised; April 5 -7
Destination - Valparai
Venue - Homestay

Pricing is 3500/- per head for one adult.

Valparai is a hill station surrounded by tea plantations, forests and a couple of dams. The drive from BLR is about 460kms and has 40 hairpin bends. The hill climb is very scenic.. Valparai is home to endemic species like lion tailed macaque, great indian hornbills and nilgiri thar.-- all endangered.
Cozy accomodation in a homestay with campfire and cool weather should make a great meet...

calling this a South India meet as the location is in Valparai, TN. However, if anyone wishes to drive/fly down from any part of the world.. more than welcome..

Members who have paid until now -

1. Pradeep Rotti
2. Dr. Murali
3. DKM
4. Diwakar
5. Rajshekar
6. Sai Adiya
7. Mikhil
8. Joe Sir

camaan the enjaayment..