Dear Mambers,

Can any one help me in the matter below for my Fiat Palio 1.2 nv Petrol ELPS car?

There is some oil leakages from either camshaft oil seal or crankshaft oil seal or may be from both. I have also observed that it happens only while running the car/engine. Of-course, level is not getting down considerably and so top-up is not requiring frequently. However wetness and little leaching and drops of oil are observed. So I am thinking to open and replace the oil-seals of Cam & Crank.

My problem is – for that I shell have to remove the crank pulley, almost all belts , and Cam sprocket etc. Out of that most tedious I feel is resetting of Timing Belt! If I do a little mistake, it may cause serious penalty to me due to possible mistiming in the engine. I do not know how to reset the removed timing belt. I think no other belt (auxiliary belts) require such settings – simply install them and get it properly tightened. - Am I correct?

So can any one give me detailed procedure specifically for Palio 1.2 nv Petrol car. I have read Bravo/Punto etc. but what is specifically a procedure for Palio 1.2 nv Petrol?

A prompt and positive response is eagerly awaited.

Navin Talati / 22-03-2018