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Thread: 20 Tips for Good Battery Backup on a Android Smartphone

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    20 Tips for Good Battery Backup on a Android Smartphone

    Guys, found this useful info on how to improve battery performance on your Xaomi Mi Android smartphone however most of the info are in general for any Android smartphones so can be applied in general except for few cases.

    Power at last - 20 Tips for Good Battery Backup!

    Hello, MiFans!

    Are you worried about your battery calling a day off before you do? Not techie enough to understand battery management science, but just need to save some more juice to last a little longer? Well, you do not need to worry about this as we have got you covered! Along with the extra massive battery Mi packs in, here are the awesome tips that will surely let you and your battery buddy spend a bit more time with each other. We will go in a categorical manner from easy general settings to be toggled to setting something a bit advanced.

    General Points

    1. Keep the GPS, Wi-Fi & Mobile Data off

    When you really don't need to keep them off, you can manage all three of them from toggles.

    2. 'Performance Mode' - Only When Needed

    Not needed and not there in newer phones, but if you have this toggle then use it only when you require power for rendering games or massive multitasking of heavy apps. In simple terms, it does frequency scaling of CPU, keeping it bare minimum to saves power.

    3. Turn 'Wake Lock Screen For Notifications' OFF*

    Control it from*'Settings - Lockscreen & Fingerprint', this makes sure that your phone won't turn ON display for every notification you receive while the phone is in standby mode. Use different notification LED colors instead for each app in its settings.

    4. Turn OFF 'Smart cover Mode'

    Control it from*'Settings - Lockscreen & fingerprint - Advanced settings - Smart cover mode'

    If unless you have purchased a smart cover to lighten up the display upon opening the cover, this isn't needed otherwise. It will turn off hall sensor saving more power.

    5. Turn 'System Animations' OFF/ON

    Available under*'Settings - Battery & Performance', it controls animations across the whole System UI. If you don't need them turn it off will shed save extra work from GPU and saving more power in the process.

    6. Brightness Control

    Rather keeping the display brightness full adjust it manually according to the available light conditions you are in & use auto-brightness for uncertain light conditions when you are out*since the screen uses the most battery, more brightness = more use of the battery.

    While using auto-brightness the scrollbar works as a scaling controller so adjust it accordingly.

    7. Turn OFF Vibrations System-wide

    Located under*'Settings - Sound & vibration - Vibrate - Vibrate on touch', this is a system-wide control for vibration as haptic feedback to your touches across, choose the lowest intensity or better keep this off (will save you much battery).

    8. Turn OFF Vibrations of Keyboard Presses

    Located under your keyboard app settings: Google, Swiftkey or any other. This controls haptic feedback of keypresses for all your inputs done via keyboard, If you are a heavy chatter/texter you are unknowingly using too much power by this, better turn this vibration off.

    9. Playstore Update Schedule

    Located Under*'Playstore - Settings - Auto-update apps'. By default, Google Play store setting uses auto update method over Wi-Fi, which might be annoying at times as it will hog the bandwidth & battery, better take control & set it to manual (update when you want).

    Auto-Start & Background Presence

    10. Turn off Auto-starting of Apps

    Control it from,*'Security App - Permissions - Auto-start'

    For which apps I should allow auto-start?

    Only for the apps which actually required background connection to deliver messages for you like Whatsapp, Hike, Messenger etc. Turn off Auto-start for all the other apps. This keeps the app in RAM even after you close it or clean the RAM fully.

    What if I want to just keep the app temporarily in RAM & saving it from cleaning RAM action I perform?

    While in the recent app tray, pull the icon down. You will have the lock icon, press it & it will be locked in RAM until you deliberately swipe up to close them from recent app tray.


    11. Keep Location Sharing to 'Battery Saving'

    Control it from*'Settings - Additional settings - Privacy - location'

    How does this affect to my apps?

    GPS sensor uses more power, so whenever exact location information is not needed (e.g. in maps) we can let apps use approximate location based on Wi-FI and Cellular Network.

    Whenever you require accurate location via GPS next time, turn in on via toggle which will allow use of GPS sensor temporarily.


    12. Turn Off 'Google Location History' Reporting*

    If you really don't need then turn it off from*'Settings - Additional Settings - Privacy - Location - Google Location History'

    What does this option do?

    Leaving this option on will report your location every now and then to Google. Unless you really want to keep track of your location history, turn this option off it will save more battery than you imagined.

    13. 'Keep Wi-Fi On - Always'

    Available under*'Settings - Wi-Fi - Advanced Settings',*this basically controls your Wi-Fi connection policy on sleep.

    It has three options,

    Always ON:*Regardless of phone sleeping it will be connected.

    Only when plugged in:*Will be keep connected only while phone is in charge.

    Never:*As soon as your phone gets in sleep state, Wi-Fi will be shut-off.

    14. Turn Off 'Wi-Fi Scanning Always Available'

    Available under*'Settings - Wi-Fi - advanced',*better to turn this option OFF. Leaving on, this option let Google service & other apps scan for networks even when you have switched off your Wi-Fi.

    15. Change Wi-Fi Frequency Scanning Band

    Go to*'Settings - Wi-Fi - Advanced Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Frequency Band', Set it on 2.4 Ghz

    What does this option do?

    If you aren't using the high-end router specifically with 5 Ghz access point, you don't need to scan for that access points but just 2.4 Ghz ones.


    16. Limit Content Of Syncing Via 'Settings - Accounts'

    Under Other accounts - Google account limit required content to be synced every time.

    Under Gmail app - Downloading of attachment.

    In Mi account app - Mi cloud - Backup & storage - uncheck cloud backing up of apps & related if you're not using the feature actively (depending upon number of apps & network speed it can take keep your device busy for quite a time).

    Under MIUI Mail app - Settings - your email - Sync Frequency: will check for new mail as per your setting.

    Under MIUI Mail app - Settings - Battery saver - Set it according to the time: will sync less frequently in that time frame.

    How does this affect?

    By default on adding Google account (or other), it will sync all kinds of data for all available services unless you instruct it not to do so. So not only it increases the data to be synced every time, it also increases time CPU & Wi-Fi / Mobile-Data will have to work over to process this data. Repeat this for every account you have under accounts, choose your options wisely under.

    Battery Saver & App Battery saver

    MIUI 8 comes with a battery saver & specific app battery saver, using which you can intelligently manage the battery usage across system apps & user apps uniformly.

    17. Battery Saver

    Turn it on from*'security app - battery - battery saver - ON'. It monitors all the background processes, activities & syncing.

    Battery saver will automatically turn off when the battery is 60% or 100% charged and activate itself accordingly.

    When battery saver is on your battery symbol will turn*'orange'*as an indication. You can schedule the battery saver also.

    18. App Battery Saver

    Apps battery saver works hand in hand with battery saver by managing apps & their different activities, for those apps which are running in RAM in Background. By default, it intelligently manages important activities of app & put the other activities of the same app on standby/close it. Default settings are recommended, change only if your particular app misbehaves.

    You will find four options under it, defined rules below will kick in,

    When screen is off & CPU go into deep sleep state (or doze mode).

    App needs to have autostart entry in Security app - Permissions - Auto-start.


    If you are using 'clear cache after lock-in' feature then apps without auto-start entry will be cleared out with no mercy.

    Apps running without auto-start entry on foreground will not be able to connect to network after some screen-off time.

    1. MIUI Battery Saver (recommended)

    This is a default option & it will selectively keep the important activities & services of one particular app. For example, for telegram it will keep "notification service" of telegram active and while close the app UI.

    2. No Restrictions

    Putting the app on no restrictions will grant the app a power to pass through the battery restrictions.

    If after turning on the battery saver you find your app (Music players, Messaging apps) misbehaving under screen off conditions then this is the option to use for that app. It has one further option: Background Location access (ability to use it while in the background), Restrict is recommended.

    3. Restrict Background Apps

    Apps & their activities won't be closed but network activities & other background syncs will not be allowed in Deep sleep state (or in doze mode).

    Push notifications will be turned off after screen off Initial minutes, It will refresh only if you open it next time deliberately.

    4. Restrict Background Activity

    As soon as app leaves the recent tray by swiping up it will be closed.

    19. Security App - Battery - Extra Settings

    Head over to*'Security app - Battery - Click the top right icon for setting':

    1. Turn Off Mobile Data When Device is Locked

    MIUI can intelligently manage your data connection after your device is locked.

    2. Clear Cache When Device is Locked

    If you are a heavy multi-tasker or a lazy one who forgets to close the app then this option is for you. Turning ON, this option will ensure that your cached apps get cleared.

    3. Battery Drain Notifications

    Turning this option on will pop-up a notification when some of your apps start draining your battery. Clicking the notification will give you information regarding & one click solution for it.

    4. Schedule Power ON/OFF

    With this setting you can intelligently manage your phone to turn off after you sleep & turn on before you wake up; Keeping everything ready for you & saving power in the process.

    20. Automated Tasks

    Located under*'Security App - Automated Tasks',*It is a provision to perform customized tasks on customized conditions.

    For example*'Turn off Wi-FI & Mobile Data at 20% of battery'*or*'Go into airplane mode at 2:00 am'*it can all be designed and performed.

    21. Battery Saver Toggle

    Starting from 6.12.15, you have a battery saver toggle now.

    Hope this guide will help you prolong your charge! Regardless the correct settings, some loosely designed third party apps & Google play services may keep your device awake with hours long wake lock acquisition & can cause massive battery drain. Unfortunately, all those cases are subjective and you are your own saviour in those case.

    Source: Mi Forum

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