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Thread: Comparison Baleno and Petra 1.6 / Team-bhp

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    Comparison Baleno and Petra 1.6 / Team-bhp

    Came across this thread of discussion on team-bhp...

    Actually there is not much significance as both are dated cars...

    Nevertheless, an entertaining read... ;-)
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    Re: Comparison Baleno and Petra 1.6 / Team-bhp

    The good old days at BHP :-) I remember a time when it was all things Vs a Fiat and all of us were painted with the same brush and termed as 'fanboys'. But they could have never fathomed what made us such staunch believers of brand Fiat and its products.

    Yes, the Baleno was a decent product from MS back then, the reason why Jap car owners loved it so much. But having driven one, I always thought it could never be as special as the Palio or Petra back then.

    Well, there is a reason why we have multiple Fiat forums in India and I dont know if there would have been any dedicated to the Baleno or for that matter, any mass market car sold here at that price point :-)

    Thanks for sharing that thread kvdeep. If a thread like this was started now on that forum, it would most likely be lost in a crowd, and one would lose track of who said what, given that there are a zillion users on that forum now! Of course, that is also a testament to its phenomenal success :-)

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