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Thread: Genesis and History

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    Genesis and History

    It all began a long while ago when Mr. Sundar Ram Madduri set forth one day and bought himself a Fiat Palio 1.2 in 2001. Like most Palio Owners and other Fiat customers, Mr. Madduri loved his car but hated the obstacles that Fiat and their dealers kept throwing in the path to maintaining his car. His love for his car led him to start a group on the internet (well before automobile forums became the flavour of the day or the seasonal fancy) and he chose to use the Yahoo Groups as his platform. This group soon attracted Fiat and motoring afficandos and the PUG as it was soon dubbed became a vibrant group. Mr. Madduri soon became engrossed in his work and was no longer able to devote time so he was assisted by Mr. Mahesh Natarajan. This duo then inducted a clutch of people to help them run the PUG.

    Soon the inadequacies of the old platform became obvious and the need to shift to a newer platform in order to capitalise on the newer technologies became obvious. So was born this forum using the vBulletin platform and having its own web hosting space.

    This forum is largely a co-operative affair and was built with inputs from all members. It is for the members and largely by the members. It aims to cater to all motoring enthusiasts and host technical discussions relating to Fiat cars in India.

    Welcome on board and enjoy your time here.
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